We want everyone to have access to healthier, cleaner ingredients, and we proudly make this possible entirely from Ghana.

Our determined team and intense quality control techniques are working to offer the cleanest, most nutritious products, for the better of our community.

We care about feeling better, and actually taking decisions to be healthier, the proof lays in all the extra steps we take to ensure the integrity of the products we bring to you.

When you purchase a BISA world product, you are participating in the improvement of basic hygiene standards in the African food industry.

In April 2014, BisaWorld Ltd. (“BisaWorld”), an agricultural and food products company registered in Ghana, launched its operations with a vision to become a profit-making enterprise that has a meaningful philanthropic impact. As we near the end of an 18-month pilot phase, our company is on the ... 

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We want to develop Ghanaian agriculture to an international level, starting with an ingredient most households use in Ghana and that is produced all over the country; red pepper. Our goal is to be number one in quality and market share of processed chili pepper in the region. Throughout the ...

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We sell to direct consumers who will enjoy our products in their kitchen, usually professional cooks, or entrepreneurs who want to resell the product. Anyone qualified per our registration form evaluation can become a representative of our brand. If you become a distributor/retailer, we ...

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At the moment we buy legon 18 chili pepper from farmers, which we process into powder and package in a controlled environment in different sizes so it stays fresh and is available to consumers.

Legon 18 pepper farms are all over Ghana, the ones we have decided to work with have strong work ethics and agree to receive training and develop some of their techniques to maintain the quality of production needed from our company. We have even helped them reduce post-harvest losses. Their produce used to sometimes go to waste after it was harvested if there was no demand. We ensure a constant demand, unlike usual markets. We also hire the farmers’ family, particularly their wives, to clean the peppers and participate in extra steps that only our company requires. Through this partnership with the farmers we work with, we offer fair treatment and security as we value their work and the efforts they put in bringing us the best quality. For most, drying the pepper in the sun is enough; we go through longer higher heat drying processes to sanitize our pepper in a natural way. BISA World Company ltd offers Ghanaian farmers hope and future. What they produce, we refine and make accessible at an international level. We want to share the quality Ghanaian products have to offer with the world and create sustainable business relationships to eventually enable the country’s economy to grow.

How do we help with health improvements?
Many individuals are plagued with food related ailments, such as cholera and Typhoid.  Leading causes of both diseases, which often lead to death, are poor food sanitation.  By improving the hygienic quality of the production process of powdered pepper, we are cancelling the probability of such infections from our products.


How do we help with education?
We promote healthy lifestyles through our advertising by producing flyers and posters that encourage individuals to choose healthy products in large markets.  When given the opportunity to speak on TV show or radio interviews we emphasize the importance of food hygiene to our audience.  One of our main purposes is to offer healthy food choices at affordable prices.


What are our standards and how do they differ with the usual standards in Ghana?
Our powdered red pepper is FDA approved and has stood up to rigorous scientific tests (microbiologically tested and inspected by the Food Research Institute, Ghana Standard Authority has also tested our nutrients in the pepper, making the nutritional information we offer authentic and true). Our product has also been tested by the Food and Drugs Authority and we can certify that it does not contain Sudan Dye, present in almost all other peppers on the market, especially local ones.  Much of the pepper sold in the markets in Ghana currently is not being regulated to meet minimum health quality standards.

How does packaging affect the quality of the product?
We are able to achieve uniformity and consistency of our products by setting strict packing regulation, while packaging occurs it is controlled but handled as little as possible to ensure it is free from contamination and can have the longest shelf life possible without the use of preservatives.

What do we teach our employees about health measures, what are our rules?
The quality assurance team ensures every staff is trained on basic food hygiene and routine checks onsite. Every staff embraces this quality control culture, and all preventive measures are in place for the staff to understand the right way of handling any task assigned to them. There is running water with soap and towels available at every corner of the factory, protective outfits and sanitized gear that must be worn, high sanitized areas where only trained personnel in appropriate gear has access to, and many more preventive steps. Every week our staff meets and Human resources organizes a new health and sanitation session to educate and inform our team on values to respect at work and take home with them.