In April 2014, BisaWorld Ltd. (“BisaWorld”), an agricultural and food products company registered in Ghana, launched its operations with a vision to become a profit-making enterprise that has a meaningful philanthropic impact. As we near the end of an 18-month pilot phase, our company is on the cusp of capturing a lucrative market in the processing and distribution of powdered chili pepper. Our product is an increasingly popular, high-quality chili powder that has enjoyed tremendous customer satisfaction. We attribute our success to the fact that from product concept to goods dispatch, we ensure that all of our procedures, policies and processes maximize the quality and value of our brand.

Since its incorporation, BisaWorld’s goal has been to provide a wide range of high-quality, flavorful, and healthy agricultural food products that are safe to consume. We began this journey by selecting powdered chili pepper as our company’s inaugural product because: (i) the vast majority of Ghanaians consume powdered chili pepper daily; (ii) chili pepper is one of the main ingredients used in West-African cuisine (which holds great promise for our product’s scalability); and (iii) no other company in Ghana is mass-producing “healthy” powdered chili pepper. Our feasibility studies determined Ghana to be an ideal nation in which to incorporate and launch our product because it is Africa’s oldest democracy, and it is one of the continent’s most promising and stable economies. Moreover, Ghana’s political and economic environment is welcoming and encouraging of capital investment in the country’s agricultural sector. Finally, Ghana has a competitive advantage in supplying the world’s chili pepper demands due to its: (i) low cost of labor; (ii) favorable climate, which is conducive to year-round chili pepper production; and (iii) low air freight costs to European markets relative to other African countries in the region.

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