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Through social entrepreneurship, Bisaworld's strategy to improve the lives of untold millions include

Combatting food borne illnesses

Combatting the pandemic problem of food borne illnesses in Africa - to that end, we currently hold the only Ghanaian FDA approved license to package chili pepper for mas distribution (a game changer for combatting food borne pathogens and improving health in West Africa);

Improving Agricultural Practices

Improving the agricultural practices of impoverished rural farmers and providing them secure outlets for their raw materials thereby establishing a sustainable foundation for holistic rural agricultural development in Ghana

Economic Development

Contributing to local and regional economic development by providing secure jobs that will lift out of poverty the most economically vulnerable and disadvantaged (such as unemployed and undereducated young adults, single mothers, and widows).

"Sustainably Serving Mankind with Healthy Products and Quality Services"


is an African-born company that exists to provide the healthiest, highest quality and best-priced food products and services to local and global markets.

We place at the center of our service the care of our employees, customers, providers and natural environment.

Bisaworld works hard to holistically and sustainably serve each of our constituents to assure them of a healthier, brighter and more secure future.