While BisaWorld is a for-profit enterprise, it is also a company with a philanthropic vision to address some of Ghana’s (and Africa’s) important social concerns. More specifically, BisaWorld is committed to combating the widespread problem of foodborne illnesses in Ghana and, ultimately, throughout Africa, by producing healthy agricultural food products that are safe to consume. In addition, BisaWorld’s vision includes contributing to the economic development of Ghana by: (i) training and assisting Ghanaian farmers, who are among the country’s poorest populations; and (ii) creating employment opportunities for economically vulnerable communities, including single mothers and uneducated youth.

Many African countries, including Ghana, continue to grapple with numerous endemic and seemingly intractable social challenges that hinder their economic development and shackle millions to generational poverty. Although progress has been made, chronic unemployment continues to undermine the efforts of economically disenfranchised communities to rise

out of poverty. Moreover, a dearth of healthy and affordable foodstuffs that are safe to consume continues to compromise the health of far too many Africans, frequently leaving them vulnerable to contracting foodborne illnesses such as diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera. Indeed, the pervasive problem of foodborne illness compounds the economic challenges impoverished communities face because a sick day laborer cannot earn a living for his or her family. In addition, when a labor force frequently suffers the debilitating effects of foodborne illnesses, it may result in a cumulative crippling effect on a nation’s economic productivity.

Consequently, an investment in a company like BisaWorld — one that is structured to effectively address the pandemic problems of foodborne illness and chronic unemployment, as well as the lack of economic opportunity for impoverished communities — carries with it both life-changing and nation-changing potential. For example, our business model will enable us to directly impact at least 5,000 out-growers within five years, and we estimate that every out-grower we support will create 2.5 small businesses and will generate seven full-time jobs and fifty part-time jobs per hectare farmed.

In sum, your investment in BisaWorld would carry with it the potential not only to reap significant financial returns but also to yield remarkable philanthropic results.

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