BISA means “ask” in Twi, one of the main local languages spoken in Ghana.

Many questions come to mind when dealing with the food industry today, particularly given that the hygiene standards are extremely low. « BISA », « ask », represents the two sides of the coin: asking about the situation, and asking ourselves what we can do to change this situation. Through the production of BISA, we have developed strong and respectful relationships with local farmers in all ten regions of Ghana, in order to better control the process of handling and cleaning of the product, that meets the quality of international industries whilst remaining locally sourced and flavorful. Not only is BISA clean, safe, but it is tasty, home grown, and pure. We are building a cleaner, safer, and more ethical product from the Ghanaian soil, through the Ghanaian people, and for Africa. You can feel safe about the quality of our product and trust the BISA World Brand.